Why shop Alabama Amber Company?

Because when you shop with us, whether for yourself, or for someone else, you can know you are getting something made with you in mind. Something authentic. Something that was made by hand, not a machine. Something with soul.

Authentic. Unique. Made by Hand.

Baltic Amber Necklaces

We receive all amber gemstones from quality wholesalers in Lithuania. Each piece is hand-tied and each bead is hand-picked for its beauty. Although each pattern can be re-created, each bead is unique. There are no two products exactly alike.

Children's Amber Necklaces

Baltic Amber Bracelets

  • How to measure for a perfectly fitting bracelet

    Use a "sewing" tape measure (one you can wrap around your wrist). Measure under the wrist bone. Add a quarter inch to half inch to the measurement, depending on how you like your bracelet to fit.

    How to measure for a perfect fit

  • If your bracelet is a little snug

    Your bracelet may be snug at first. If it is too snug, lay the bracelet flat. Pick up from the middle and pull outwards gently in both directions.

    How to stretch your bracelet

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